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Pufe Imports
Welcome to Puf-E Imports Inc, your #1 supplier of various models of Electronic Cigarettes and supplier of a wide range of e liquid, premium quality e-liquids, electronic cigarette accessories and supplies.

We specialize in serving the smoke shop and convenience store market.Providing great products at prices so low that we cannot publish them online.

All products are sold on a gauranteed sale basis...If you cannot sell them then we will exchange them for you.We want your inventory of Electronic Cigarettes and eliquids to have a stock turn rate of at least 10.We go the extra mile in taking care of our customers.

We test all products before introducing them to the market hence our product defect rate is less than 1%, plus all defects are exchanged no questions asked at no charge to you.

With over 100 flavors in various strengths.All Noils are made in Canada with the finest ingredients.We offer a complete exchange for any unsold eliquids.Our Noils do not contain any Diacetyl.Diacetyl is a flavouring ingredient often used in products which is harmful when heated and inhaled.

The management of PufE Imports have a vision of offering convenience stores, smoke shops and variety stores high quality products at incredibly low prices, plus providing them with tools to increase in store sales.